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In the past years ISTOBAL has put a strong focus on sustainability, becoming a pioneer in the development of integrated solutions that prioritize eco-friendly technologies. We understand that being environmentally aware means consuming less and better and understanding the impact of our products and processes on the planet, especially in an industry that works with elements such as water, energy and chemicals.

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Customer Journey: The cruise to the best wash

This new concept is being used more and more in marketing as understanding the path that leads the customer to buy a product or a wash is key to achieving success and making the wash experience something unique can turn the profitability of a business.

We refer to the customer journey as the set of stages or phases that a person goes through from the moment, they identify the need they have a need until they acquire a product or service to satisfy it.

This concept applied to vehicle wash and care focuses on all the interactions that arise between the consumer and the car wash installation.

The key is to identify the phases that our client goes through in the purchase process in order to understand the demands from the customer and to provide a complete coverage of services adapted to the different stages.

The main phases would be:

1)      Awareness phase: It is the initial phase and starts when potential consumers become aware that they have a need and wish to fulfil it. It begins with the search for information to find out what could help solve the customer problem.

Commercial actions: it is important to send the customer available content on our wash installation such as opening hours, services offered, location and everything that we believe would cover the need and that generates an urgency to solve it.

2)      Consideration phase: At this point, the consumer begins to consider different solutions to his "pain" or "need".

Commercial actions: they must show more specialized content focused on the product/service (since doubts are beginning to be generated and products /services are compared with the competition): what is included in each wash, key advantages over the competition, novelties, qualities, as well as additional features of our equipment.

3)      Purchase/decision phase: In this third phase, the customer has already made the decision to buy and the selection and acquisition of the service takes place. In assisted installations, it will be decisive that we have a qualified and motivated store staff so that the user experience is excellent.

The phases that follow focus on maintaining customer satisfaction (retention) and getting them to recommend us.

The customer journey information perfectly complements the types of niches from our previous blog on this topic. The niches and types of customers tell us who we are targeting, what their attributes are, their profile. On the other hand, the customer journey refers to what path this consumer follows, what the customer experience is throughout the purchase cycle, what phases they go through before buying a product or hiring a service, what they need at all times, etc.

In short, in the cruise to the best vehicle wash our objective will be to identify the main points in each stage of interaction with our client, defining their motivations and consumption habits, managing to improve the experience to increase the level of loyalty, and always prioritizing areas for improvement.