There are many techniques to boost sales in your car wash facility, and among them argumentation usually has an impact and effectiveness when communicating with the customer.

Argumentation is not about using rhetoric, but rather about knowing your target audience well and knowing how to clearly convey to the customer the benefits they will get from buying a certain product or service.

To help you with the reasons that can make your customers understand the importance of having their vehicle washed on a regular basis, and to make them opt for your services, thus increasing the frequency of washing, the traffic in the facility and the average ticket, we have separated it according to the area where you are located.


Elements such as sand or saltpetre can have a great impact on the vehicle and can even rust, scratch and damage the car's bodywork, windows and upholstery.

It is crucial that the customer understands that the best way to remove sand is with air or pressurised water, without brushing, so as not to scratch the paintwork. Therefore, in these cases, the most effective and safest wash when the car has a large amount of dust or sand would be carried out in a car wash centre. Saltpetre, because it is deposited on the bodywork, can have a corrosive effect on the paintwork, so it is important to use a pre-wash programme, if possible with a chemical product for stubborn dirt, with a special focus on cleaning the underbody, wheel arches, tyres and rims, as well as windows, glass, mirrors and the number plate area.

In addition, especially at seasonal times such as summer, or in areas with a high mosquito population, adding optional extras to the wash such as a specially formulated chemical pre-wash for cleaning insects and dirt from insect impact on the vehicle will ensure a perfect finish, and good visibility in areas such as the vehicle's windscreen.


Here the weather can have a big effect on the vehicle.  If you live in a mountainous area, with unfavourable weather conditions or where it snows, the customer should be made aware that salt accelerates the corrosion process of the vehicle's steel parts and bodywork. It is therefore important that the car is washed frequently enough (since once the rusting starts, nothing can be done to stop it, it can only be slowed down).

Regarding the type of washing, special attention should be paid to the wheel wells and the underbody of the vehicle to remove the salt remaining inside the rims and the lower spaces. Jet wash solutions help to clean this area perfectly to dissolve the encrusted salt.

On the other hand, in indoor areas in extremely hot conditions, damage to bodywork, paintwork and other car parts such as rubber can occur due to high temperatures, so proper maintenance is also essential.


Living in a city means that pollution means that the vehicle gets dirty quickly, and with it the frequency of washing. However, it is also true that living in areas with unpaved roads, where there may be mud and trees with large amounts of pollen, can increase the dirt deposited on the vehicle.

 All of this is transmitted into a possible safety problem (due to visibility issues while driving).

Safety is a good selling point as dirt affects the following aspects:

- Vision: dirty glass means that you cannot see clearly what is happening on the road. To remove the small particles that accumulate, a thorough cleaning is necessary both on the outside and on the inside. It is also important to emphasize that dirt deposited in some areas of the vehicle, such as the number plate, is a reason for a fine by the DGT.

- Allergies: small bends are ideal for the growth of mites and other irritating particles that can cause or aggravate allergies.

- Vehicle maintenance: A dirty car has an impact on the ageing process of the materials that make up the car.

- Comfort and odours: when long journeys are made, these become an important factor in the driver's comfort.

In order to increase the profitability of your facility, with higher traffic, an increase in users and the number of services, it is important to transmit to the customer that your facility takes all these points into account. And of course, that you offer solutions adapted to each one of them, with integrated products and solutions that ensure quality in car washing and state-of-the-art technology.