ISTOBAL presents the M'WASH3 PRO 5-brush, a flexible and 30% faster rollover


ISTOBAL presents the M'WASH3 PRO 5-brush version, its new high-end rollover that unifies its M'NEX32 and FLEX5 models in a new equipment designed to offer greater control and quality in car cleaning through a more efficient, safer and connected technology.

The M'WASH3 PRO 5-brush is the first and only rollover on the market capable of transforming from three to five brushes and vice versa, in an easy and modular way, without the need to replace the machine structure, thanks to its patented system since 2011. A machine that meets the present and future needs of customers in the car wash sector without the need for new investments.

The new version of the M'WASH3 PRO 5-brush rollover is a more complete and agile machine that allows a reduction in washing and drying time of up to 30% compared to the 3-brush machine, responding to the demands of customers who require greater flexibility and high performance in the installation.

Innovation to optimise cleanliness and safety

The ISTOBAL M'WASH3 PRO wash rollovers have two-way vertical brush inclination (side and rear) to ensure the best wash quality in any type of car. Its advanced technology with state-of-the-art software, its innovative user-focused design and its multiple available options allow a wide variety of programmes that will increase the value of the average ticket in the installation.

The new 5-brush version also incorporates the "PerfectBalance" system, designed to ensure the overall stability of the rollover, including the structure and the five brushes, thus providing an additional level of safety during the entire washing process.

It also has frequency variators in all the machine's geared motors, a high-capacity centralised PLC for agile and precise control of the equipment and a 7-inch UNIFIED touch screen with Smartwash ready connectivity. It also incorporates flexible programming as standard to customize each wash programme and conveniently configure speeds, dosing units, light codes and other types of functions according to the customer's needs in the selected wash programmes.

Among its many options, the machine offers a high-flow horizontal and lateral drying system that maximizes performance with high quality drying and low acoustic impact. It also has different options for high-pressure pre-washes, high-pressure wheel washers and brushes (up to 21"), as well as an integrated infinite mousse foam arch.

A customised wash experience with greater control

The M'WASH3 PRO stands out for its user-focused design. Its renewed aesthetics can be customized in a wide range of colours and aesthetic details, with vinyls on the fairing and matching brushes, making this equipment a real eye-catcher.

It also provides greater visibility and a feeling of spaciousness, thanks to its optimized central structure that offers up to 12 cm more vehicle clearance than the competition for the same machine width.

Thanks to connectivity of M'WASH3 PRO with Smartwash by ISTOBAL, the rollover provides real-time installation data and remote diagnostics to optimize operating costs and facilitate technical assistance.