Following the main trends and demands in the car wash and car care sector, ISTOBAL has made sustainability one of its priorities, becoming a pioneer in the development of integrated solutions that prioritise environmentally friendly technologies.

A drying module that boosts sustainability and cost-effectiveness with optimal results

Thanks to the incorporation of frequency inverters in the drying modules of its T'WASH30 tunnel washer extractor, ISTOBAL achieves an average 30% reduction in electricity consumption. This translates into significant savings in the operating costs of the installation and a substantial improvement at an environmental level, reducing CO2 emissions by 30%.

For a tunnel with 2x7.5 kW top and 2x7.5 kW side drying motor power, assuming a total drying motor power of 30 kW, with an average energy cost of 0.25 €/kWh, a cost saving of 7,100 € per unit per year could be achieved, with a reduction of 17.95 tons of CO2 per year.

Siemens frequency inverters integrated in the dryer ensure that the drying motors run at a slower speed when no vehicles are detected in the drying area. This results in significant savings in electricity consumption in the installation, as well as a reduction in noise, with a consequent reduction in noise pollution.

This option is available for the entire drying power range of the T'Wash30 model, from simple 8kW to complete 30kW dryers.

Top Drying quality

This competitive difference, which is unique to Istobal's automatic car wash drying modules in the sector, is an example of the value and differential of ISTOBAL's equipment compared to other equipment on the market.

In addition, the efficiency of the drying module in the T'WASH30 manages to optimise the equipment's consumption thanks to its horizontal copying system which provides a better adjustment to the contour of the vehicle and its adjustable deflector. The 3 positions of the horizontal nozzle during the drying phase optimise the direction of the air outlet, maintaining the same outlet section, thanks to its pneumatic rotating cylinder.

This results in excellent drying quality and optimised consumption, reflecting ISTOBAL's commitment to the quality and sustainability of its products in the T'WASH30.