The car wash digital transformation

Transform trends in business opportunities

In a completely digital environment, your car wash facility should also be.

We have accepted the challenge of leading the digital transformation of the car wash world through Smartwash by ISTOBAL technology, aimed at making the most of the facilities and meeting the demands of an increasingly demanding and digitised user.

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Smart car wash

Smartwash business

The most intelligent and profitable decision

Making your business management easier and enhancing end user loyalty are the direct effects of the Smartwash digital model, which results in an increase in profitability in economic, management and time terms.

You are able to digitally manage all your car wash business, customer oriented to increase profitability.

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Smartwash business

All the power of digital management at your service

Customer Dashboard

  • fully connected

    Turn your business into a fully connected, autonomous, controlled and monitored installation

  • smarwash data

    View all accounting and user behaviour data, through a dashboard which can be accessed online and in real time on any device

  • personalized promotions

    Learn about the user's behaviour and reviews, and offer personalized promotions to increase their loyalty.

  • marketing support

    We provide you with graphic support through commercial and functional signage, as well as marketing advice to boost your business.

APP for the end user

  • hands free car wash

    Offer the users of your facility a faster, more convenient and intuitive wash.

  • digital car wash purchase

    Allow the purchase of different car wash services digitally and remotely, saving time and reducing problems during the process.

  • Istobal car wash app

    Through the ISTOBAL App, the user can activate the machines without having to get out of the vehicle.


    The user has the ISTOBALCard wallet card to accumulate their credit and enjoy discounts.

Great equipment for perfect eficiency

Smartwash Business technology connects all the car wash equipment of the installation to the centralised dashboard


Connectivity package

with everything you need to connect the car wash equipment with the digital platform, extract and save the data on the cloud.



visually and intuitively collects and reflects the usage data for the installation and information about user behaviour in order to enhance profitability.

Shop terminal

Shop terminal

Take advantage of the potential of crossselling and facilitate the process of paying for wash services.

plate number recognition

Automatic vehicle recognition

The system reads the number plate to identify the users and allow the car wash to be started from the app.

car wash offer generator

Offer generator

Based on various kinds of information such as wash frequency, programs selected or average user ticket – for conducting marketing and loyalty campaigns.

Security systems

Security systems

Assistance when the car is in the rollover without the need to get out of the car.



Offering all sorts of interactive features for users: pay for car wash services, locate services, activate and stop machines, wash the car without leaving the vehicle, tailored promotions

Payment terminal


Connected to the dashboard. It includes a touch-screen with various payment options: coins, codes, QR code and card reader.

Smartwash manager

Smartwash Manager

Profitability shouldn’t stop

Smartwash Manager is an ISTOBAL exclusive digital software that provides information on machines and chemical products in real time and facilitates their maintenance, in order to ensure maximum operational availability of the installation and make the profitability of your business never stop.

  • available

    Sensor systems inform you about the hours of operation and condition of the equipment and its components with warning detection and incident classification.

  • available

    Our Technical Service can solve incidents remotely so that your machines are always running.

  • available

    Top security with the video surveillance and recording system.

Smartwash Fleets

The most brilliant thecnological solution for your fleets

Smartwash fleets, a digital platform to automatically manage the washing of any type of vehicle fleet.

Fully Automated

Control panel

Visually and intuitively reflects the usage of data such as wash frequency.

Speed and saving

Speed and saving

Automate wash allows you to save on staff in order to optimize the time and cost of each wash.

Business integration

3rd parties Integration

Smartwash fleets has an API interface for integration with other management systems, making the most of your business connectivity.

Plans and suscription

We offer you a free subscription model to the Smartwash by ISTOBAL service to enjoy the main benefits of digital management of your car wash business right from the start.

Want more? Get Premium. With the Smartwash Premium subscription model you have all the functionalities of our connectivity system activated.

Plans and suscription ISTOBAL Smartwash

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We will help you to achieve it

Discover all the benefits that connectivity can offer you to improve the profitability and efficiency of your car wash business.