Sanitize your car's interior with the power of ozone


Our ozone equipment for car interiors allows sanitization of the surfaces, as well as air filters and ventilation system, in only 8 minutes! 

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, we have developed a wide range of sanitization technology and products for all types of vehicles and transport fleets. Today we want to talk to you about the power of ozone for sanitizing car interiors. A solution that we are offering to wash facilities so that you can easily and safely perform this task. Below we will provide you with all the details of how it works.

What is ozone?

Ozone is a substance with a molecule that is composed of three oxygen atoms and has sanitizing and deodorizing properties and applications. It is one of the most powerful disinfectants that exist in nature and, in addition to eliminating bacteria and viruses by oxidation, among others, it also destroys bad odours. Another advantage is that ozone sanitization is ecological, since it is performed “in situ” in ambient air and does not leave any residue.

How does ozone sanitization work?

Our self-service ozone equipment (O3) for car interiors allows sanitization of the surfaces, as well as air filters and ventilation system, in only 8 minutes! To use our ozone equipment simply follow the instructions below:

  1. Ensure that no person or animal is inside the car before the ozonisation process starts (and during).

  2. Then put the car in neutral with the hand brake on. In automatic vehicles, the position “P” must be selected.

  3. Turn the air conditioning on at full power and in recirculation mode.

  4. Lower the car window closest to the ozone equipment, insert the machine's nozzle and leave the window as closed as possible, without the nozzle touching the door frame. Please note that some vehicles are equipped with anti-trap safety systems and will automatically roll down the window.

  5. Check that the rest of the vehicle's windows and doors are securely closed.

  6. Enter the amount and select the desired program. Our ozone equipment has two programs, one for cars and another for vans and has different cycle times, in order to adapt to the needs of each user. If your vehicle is very dirty, our recommendation is that you choose program 2.

For more help, you can see how it works and the steps in this video.

Safety, above all

The sanitization cycle of our ozone equipment consists of two phases. The first phase consists of ozone being introduced inside the vehicle, while the second phase consists of forced ventilation carried out with a compressor incorporated in the machine itself. In this way, we ensure that application times are reduced and that the entire cycle is completely safe for people and the environment.

You should know that the ISTOBAL ozone equipment has a warning and duty cycle control system that makes it safe to use. In this way, we ensure that the concentration of residual ozone is minimal when the vehicle is opened. Specifically, it is less than the 0.2ppm of exposure established by the WHO (World Health Organization) for periods of less than 2 hours. 

Our ozone equipment will indicate that the ozonisation process is in progress with a red light, so you should keep a distance of two meters from the vehicle and not open any windows or doors, as well as not enter the vehicle. The green light will alert you that the sanitation process has been completed. Simply ventilate it properly for two minutes before use by opening windows and doors.

And now that you have the vehicle sanitized, enjoy your journey safely! And if you have any doubts about how to clean your vehicle, remember that at ISTOBAL we are always on hand to assist you.