Safely sanitize the interior of the car step by step


Today we will address interior car sanitization step by step, so that you can achieve extra cleanliness and reduce the presence of viruses and bacteria that may have settled in your car. 

A few days ago we answered some of the main questions about sanitizing the outside of a car and today we will address interior car sanitization step by step, so that you can achieve extra cleanliness and reduce the presence of viruses and bacteria that may have settled in your car. Let's get started!

Go to a reputable car wash facility that uses suitable equipment and products

This is the first step you must take in order to sanitize the interior of your car with all the guarantees of efficiency and safety. At ISTOBAL we have developed a wide range of equipment and chemical products for the interior sanitization of all types of vehicles and transport fleets. It is just as important to have suitable machines as it is to have disinfectants that are effective and suitable for all surfaces.

For private use, we recommend the product Mida Lufragerm+, a high-performance disinfectant with bactericidal and virucidal properties for the hygiene of contact surfaces. It has been tested by our technical department and does not damage the interior surfaces of the vehicle. Hydro-alcoholic products are NOT the best option for sanitizing the interior of the car, since they can dry out the dashboard material and affect screens or plastics if the surface temperature is high.

Protect yourself against the virus

Although the products we use at ISTOBAL for interior sanitization do not pose any danger to people as long as they are used properly, we also recommend the use of gloves, mask and goggles as this is good practice when treating potentially contaminated surfaces. Remember that you can also order the product safety data sheet from the car wash facility for more details.

Empty the interior of your car and clean it thoroughly

The cleaner the surfaces are, the more effective the sanitization process will be. So first thoroughly clean the interior. To do this, empty the car of all unnecessary objects, thoroughly vacuum the entire interior and clean the surfaces with a dashboard cleaner and an upholstery cleaner, as appropriate, so that there is no residue. Don't forget to vacuum and shake the mats, and then clean them with a mat cleaning machine.

Sanitize the interior of the car

Now that the interior of the car is clean, it's time to sanitize it. At ISTOBAL we have developed several systems. You can find a hand spray with sanitizer in your trusted car wash facility. Simply spray the interior of the vehicle, paying particular attention to the areas with greatest contact, such as the steering wheel, gearbox and handbrake. Other important areas are: door handles, buttons to open and close the car and adjust the mirrors, seat belt, seats, armrests, sound system and air conditioning control, touch screen, steering column stems such as indicators and windscreen wipers, seat adjustment levers, among others. Don't forget the floor mats, air vents, windows, wing mirrors and car keys as well.

Spray evenly and thoroughly on all surfaces leaving the car doors open, the windows down and allow the product to work for 5 minutes. Then remove any excess product with an absorbent cloth or, alternatively, with paper. Under no circumstances should you leave the product on the surface for more than 10 minutes. You should always remove the excess and no person or animal should remain inside the vehicle when you carry out this process. 

Another new product that you can find in car wash facilities is ozone equipment that completely sanitizes the Interior in 8 minutes, including the ventilation system and particle filter using the vehicle's air recirculation. This equipment eliminates bacteria and viruses by oxidation, with the benefit of destroying bad odours as well. You can see how it works in detail in this other post.

Clean your hands after the sanitization process

Once the operations are finished, we recommend a good hand wash with soap and water or hydroalcoholic gel, as well as washing or disinfecting the clothes that were worn for cleaning.

Now that you know how to sanitize the interior of your car, we recommend that you sanitize it regularly according to its use and the people who travel in it. In general, and in the case of vehicles for own use, we recommend sanitizing the interior at least once a week.