ISTOBAL will attend the 2024 ICA Show with the latest car wash solutions developed for the US market


ISTOBAL USA, is excited to announce its participation in the upcoming 2024 Car Wash Show in Nashville, TN where it will be showcasing its latest car wash solutions specially developed for the US market. From May 13-15, visitors to Booth #1335 will have the opportunity to explore ISTOBAL's cutting-edge equipment designed to deliver high-quality vehicle wash services while boosting business revenue.

ISTOBAL USA will be showcasing the M’WASH PRO rollover, which boasts an attractive user-focused design that combines the latest technology with the aesthetic appeal of the group’s European models and the versatility of the FLEX5 line of equipment. The M’WASH PRO was designed specifically for the US market, in response to a growing demand for versatility, higher efficiency, and increased profitability. This new design optimizes wash control and quality, with its various configurations, extra options, and more efficient and connected technology.

In addition, ISTOBAL will be featuring the T’BRUSH, a compact tunnel module developed for the US market that combines the best features of an in-bay automatic with the throughput of a tunnel. This innovative solution promises an exceptional washing experience marked by quality, efficiency, and versatility, doubling the coverage of traditional express equipment while simplifying operations with fewer components, catering to customer satisfaction, cost-efficiency, and environmental sustainability.

The latest equipment released by ISTOBAL for the US market was accompanied by a strategic approach focused on addressing the specific needs of local customers and meeting industry demands. With the US identified as a key expansion market for the Group in the coming years, ISTOBAL is committed to tailoring its strategy to ensure growth and success in this region.

Ian Burton, ISTOBAL’s North American Director of Sales, emphasized the US’s alignment with the Group’s strategy to capitalize on market opportunities: “The Group’s portfolio is well-balanced and rejuvenated, which enables ISTOBAL USA to stay ahead of evolving trends and position itself for continuous growth. He also emphasized that the company remains proactive in exploring additional avenues for expansion, including opportunities in digitalization and sustainability, while adapting to local trends. These initiatives reflect ISTOBAL's core values and offer promising prospects for innovation and differentiation in the market.”

As ISTOBAL US charts its course forward, its unwavering commitment to innovation, adaptability, and excellence in the car wash industry serves as the guiding force driving its success.

The ICA Show, a key event to ISTOBAL USA

The ICA Show is considered the largest and most essential industry event in the USA, providing access to innovations, ideas, and benchmark opportunities in the sector. The latest technologies and solutions on display at the show are built to maximize business potential and offer the perfect setting for ISTOBAL to showcase their new additions to the portfolio.

ISTOBAL, the car wash leader

ISTOBAL is a multinational group, based in Valencia, Spain and market leader in the design, manufacture and marketing of car wash and care solutions. With over 75 years' experience, ISTOBAL harnesses innovation and the latest technology to provide products and services that generate high returns for the car wash business and unparalleled value added for end users.

The Group exports its products to more than 80 countries supported by a robust worldwide distributors' network. It has twelve subsidiaries and four manufacturing facilities in Europe, the Americas and Asia. International sales account for 70% of the company's revenues. ISTOBAL has had a subsidiary in the US since 2009; its first manufacturing and assembly plant was set up in Bristol, Virginia, in 2011. With 125,000 Sq Ft., the plant meets the specific needs of the US market.