ISTOBAL expands its international distributors network with the addition of Wennstrom in Finland


With this alliance, the company strengthens its presence in Northern Europe and will boost its exports in the Finnish market through Wennstrom, ISTOBAL's sole distributor in this country with extensive experience in the sector.

The agreement includes the distribution in Finland of an extensive catalogue of ISTOBAL solutions for vehicle wash and care: rollovers, tunnels, accessories, enclosures, payment terminals, water treatment systems and chemical products, as well as a Technical Assistance Service (TAS) that will provide extensive nationwide coverage.  It will also address the country's main automatic and industrial vehicle sectors, such as oil company service stations, private and industrial car wash facilities and goods and passenger transport companies, among others.

              Finland is a market with great growth potential for ISTOBAL due to the high demand for sustainable, smart, connected, efficient and safe car wash equipment, where the company is a pioneer.

              The operation is part of ISTOBAL's strategic growth plan to consolidate its leadership in Europe.  ISTOBAL and Wennstrom will target for substancial share in the Finnish growing market.

 Innovation, Technology and Sustainability for Car Wash facilities

              Following this agreement, ISTOBAL puts innovation and high technology at the service of the Finnish car wash business to generate high profitability for the sector and offer a positive, convenient and fast experience to the users of car wash facilities.

              The company is a pioneer in the development of environmentally friendly technologies that reduce the consumption of water, chemicals and energy without affecting the quality of the wash.

Its ISTOBAL esens® line of chemicals are sustainable and have outstanding environmental certifications such as the Nordic Swan label and the Ecolabel. In addition, they reduce the generation of plastic waste in packaging by 90% in their Xtract range of super concentrates and contribute to reducing CO2 emissions by up to 80%.

It also has the most complete range of industrial washing equipment in Europe and different water treatment systems, such as its pioneering biological recycler with an ultrafiltration system capable of recycling up to 100% of the water from exterior vehicle washing.

It completes its portfolio with innovative gantry car washes such as ISTOBAL M'WASH4, tunnels and pressure wash centres, as well as other services and global solutions for the car wash sector.

              Wennstrom Group – smart solutions for distribution of fuel and electricity, and wash systems

The Wennstrom Group has 300+ employees and is a leading supplier of solutions and services for storage, distribution and refuelling of electricity and fuel as well as wash systems in the Nordics. Founded in 1917, the group has service technicians throughout Finland, Sweden, Denmark and Norway.

“We are very excited to start the collaboration with ISTOBAL as the company is a pioneer in their specialist field. They have developed environmentally friendly technologies without affecting the wash quality. This addition to our service offering allows us to provide smart solutions for car wash for all vehicle types, both to our existing and new customers,” comments Wennstrom Finland’s CEO Otto Valtonen.

Wennstrom’s expertise covers the entire process for efficient and comprehensive solutions, from design and planning to project management, construction and support services. In recent years, the group has grown both organically and through acquisitions and expanded its service offering in the traditional liquid fuels sector, the growing segment of E-mobility as well as wash systems.