ISTOBAL completes its new generation of rollovers with M'WASH3 and M'WASH2


ISTOBAL completes its new generation of M'WASH rollovers with two new launches. The rollovers are positioned in the market with the most efficient and connected technology to increase the profitability of vehicle cleaning businesses and offer a better user experience.


Following the ISTOBAL M'WASH4 and ISTOBAL M'WASH3 PRO, the group presents the M'WASH3 and M'WASH2 rollovers, with the aim to provide a comprehensive offer adapted to all car wash needs through more productive, intuitive, reliable and safe technologies.

The connectivity of this innovative range of wash equipment allows for intelligent management and increased efficiency by providing real-time installation data, as well as advanced remote maintenance and monitoring services, to increase productivity and uptime at the facility.

 ISTOBAL M'WASH3, greater wash precision and effectiveness

Composed of 2 vertical brushes and 1 horizontal brush, the ISTOBAL M'WASH3 wash and dry rollover is the result of the merger of the M'NEX22 and FLEX5 equipment to optimise vehicle cleaning in a more flexible, versatile and cost-effective way.

 ISTOBAL M'WASH3 offers greater cleaning precision and effectiveness thanks to its wide range of high-pressure options, an improved chemical application that reaches the entire vehicle profile, two side brush tilt positions and 10° vertical brush tilt, plus multiple options.

It also provides greater control in washing with frequency variators and a reduction in the wash and dry service time by perfecting the speed at which the machine moves. Likewise, its horizontal and vertical drying system maximises performance, minimising electrical consumption and the acoustic emission of the equipment.

 ISTOBAL M'WASH3 is also equipped with a flexible programming system that comes as standard with ISTOBAL M'WASH rollovers, allowing each wash programme to be customised according to the specific needs of each customer.

With a cleaner, more modern and sleeker aesthetic, it provides a greater show in the car wash through LED lighting with colour effects and the integrated infinite mousse foam arch, among other examples.

 It also provides greater visibility and a feeling of spaciousness, thanks to its optimised central structure that offers up to 12 cm more vehicle clearance than the competition for the same machine width.

This equipment also stands out for its reliability and increased versatility, with various combinations of sizes and brushes to meet the different cleaning needs of today's car fleet.   

 ISTOBAL M'WASH2, maximum flexibility and versatility

The group has also evolved its M'START model to present ISTOBAL M'WASH2, a more flexible and versatile rollover, with new options, as well as greater control and quality in cleaning.

 This innovative equipment has a configuration of up to 15 customisable programmes (previously up to 6 programmes in the M'START) to improve the commercial offer and increase the profitability of the business, as well as new options such as chemical pre-washing of mosquitoes and high pressure with rotating nozzles that increase the average ticket.

 It also introduces variable frequency drives for greater wash control, superior nozzles for better foam application to all parts of the vehicle, brush tilt, a wide range of high pressure prewash and wheel wash options, plus optimised drying flow with reduced sound pressure.

With a more compact design, the new M'WASH2 features new fairings, lights and vinyls for a better user experience.