Saving and sustainability for your car wash business


Will you join us as we move towards a more environmentally friendly wash world?

Water is one of the basic elements of our work and its responsible use in our car wash equipment and the development of water treatment and recycling systems are therefore undisputed premises in our business as providers of 360° solutions for car wash and car care.

Our drive for sustainability in car wash facilities has resulted in a broad portfolio of comprehensive solutions that contribute to the environment. Because water is our work tool and we must consider it a vital resource for the future and sustainability of our industry, not only from an environmental but also from an economic point of view.

Did you know that recycling the water used on average in a complete wash programme in an automatic rollover saves over 2 million litres of water per year. Failure to do so would cost and waste the equivalent of leaving a tap running for 120 days. Imagine what you can save if you reuse the water in your carwash for subsequent washes.

The efficient use of water is as important as its correct treatment before discharging it into the public drainage system. Just one litre of hydrocarbons pollutes 1.000 m3 of water, the equivalent of an Olympic-size swimming pool. 1 single drop of oil is capable of converting 25 litres of drinking water into non-drinking water. Think that taking care of the planet is everyone's business.

Saving on water consumption and making your car wash service a greener alternative is simple, you just need to provide yourself with the tools you need.

Today, we are able to recycle up to 100% of the water from the vehicle’s exterior wash and obtain the highest quality for its later reuse in all wash stages, including osmosis in the final finish, where fresh water is traditionally used.

Moreover, with our hydrocarbon separation and retention technologies we were able to reduce the presence of hydrocarbons in the water by 94% before it was released or reused.

We also have equipment to disinfect any type of water stored in tanks to prevent fungus and bacteria growth and make your installation completely safe.

Will you join us as we move towards a more environmentally friendly wash world?