ISTOBAL has shown throughout this week at Uniti Expo 2024 (Stand 1K02) its new portfolio of renewed solutions focused on increasing business profitability. At the show, we presented our latest range of innovative solutions, with the aim of empowering the car wash sector through more efficient and intuitive technologies, with a clear focus on sustainability and profitability.

Between 14 - 16 May ISTOBAL will showcase on its stand four machines from the new M'WASH range (M'WASH2, M'WASH3, M'WASH3 PRO, M'WASH4), the new generation of innovative rollovers that provide an increase in the profitability of vehicle wash businesses and offer a better and more intuitive user experience.

Following the launch at Uniti Expo 2022 of our 4R2D2 recycler capable of achieving 100% recycling rates and unique in the sector, this year the multinational will introduce new innovations that will revolutionise the sector, designed around the main demands of its customers with a clear focus on optimising the business, while maintaining the high quality of the wash that characterises the company's equipment.

"This year we are introducing a completely revamped range of rollovers, designed to offer the latest in technology, connectivity and performance in the automatic wash sector. In addition, we are introducing innovations that transform the reduction of energy and water consumption with the innovative Ozone system and our new range of jet wash solutions," explained Alvaro Merin, Product, R&D and Marketing Director at ISTOBAL.

Commitment to sustainability in the new generation of equipment

At Uniti Expo, ISTOBAL has shown its commitment to the development of pioneering solutions that reduce the consumption of water, energy and chemical products in vehicle washing, increasing the profitability of the installation.

This year ISTOBAL returns to UNITI with a unique innovation in the sector, with the new Ozone Jet Wash equipment, a system that eliminates the need for a boiler for jet wash, thus achieving savings in operating costs of up to 36%.

We have also shown our new J'WASH4 jet wash, designed to provide greater performance and consumption control with maximum reliability. The objective with this new product has been to offer reductions in consumption of up to 35% in water, 30% in energy and 10% in chemical products. The J'WASH4 will be available with a new PAY'WASH payment terminal, which combines the best design with the latest technology and is 100% connectable.

The stand also had a part dedicated to the esens® range of chemical products that stand out for their maximum quality, high efficiency, variety of formats and respect for the environment, covering all phases of the vehicle wash cycle. The entire range uses raw materials that meet the highest current environmental requirements and are recognised in the industry for their excellence and sustainability.

ISTOBAL's stand at Uniti, a unique experience

At this year's Uniti Expo, ISTOBAL has offered visitors to its stand an unforgettable experience, inviting customers and partners to immerse themselves in the thrill of speed with an exclusive Formula 1 simulator, where they could test their skills on the track, experience the power and excitement of a real racing car and feel the adrenaline in their own hands.

Our resounding success at this year's show, which featured 17,000 participants from 120 countries and 430 exhibitors, is a true reflection of the hard teamwork at ISTOBAL across Product, R&D, Marketing and Commercial departments. Our unwavering commitment to meeting the demands of the industry and exceeding our customers' expectations has led us to set a new standard in the car wash industry.