ISTOBAL reduces electricity consumption when cleaning trucks by 35% with its new rollover for commercials


Introducing faster, more efficient and more sustainable innovative automatic wash equipment for goods vehicles and buses.

ISTOBAL has developed an innovative commercial rollover that provides faster, more efficient and more sustainable high-quality wash thanks to the introduction of new technological developments that enable greater control of energy, water and chemical products, among other advantages. 

Intended for goods vehicles and buses, the new ISTOBAL HW'COMPAK model reduces electricity consumption by 35% for a standard wash of an 18 metre truck.  Brush control using variable-frequency drives makes the equipment run more smoothly and allows the use of less powerful motors (1.1 kW instead of 1.5 kW) for brush rotation.  In addition, the redesign of the hoses and nozzles has made it possible to use a less powerful centrifugal water pump (1.5 kW instead of 2.2 kW), thus reducing electricity consumption.

This new commercial rollover also optimises water use. During the wash of the front and rear with the horizontal brush, water consumption is reduced by 7% thanks to the installation of independent solenoid valves. This saves 30 litres of water per standard wash of an 18 metre truck. The machine also enables the use of recycled water.

The flexible configuration of wash programmes and speeds, as well as independent control of the different solenoid valves enables greater water and electricity savings. In addition, the dosing pumps provide controlled and efficient chemical product injection.

Another advantage is the inclusion of an optimised nozzle system as standard, which improves the rinsing of the windscreen and windows and eliminates the usual manual rinsing process when washing trucks.

Automation of the wash process

Equipped with the latest Smartwash by ISTOBAL connectivity technology, the ISTOBAL HW'COMPAK enables digital, automated and monitored wash process management and more efficient remote maintenance, reducing manual wash time and ensuring maximum operational availability of the facility.

ISTOBAL HW'COMPAK optimises the wash time thanks to features such as the side high-pressure system that can be used with recycled water, the automatic application of foaming chemical spray that covers the entire vehicle with a dense foam, and the underchassis wash. These features enable automated washing and control of energy, water and chemical product consumption. With these features, it is possible to wash an 18 metre trailer in just 12 minutes, halving the wash time compared to manual devices.

Easy to use and to install, it has standard rail height and width dimensions suitable for 90% of goods vehicles, fits better in indoor installations, and also makes the replacement of older machines easier without the need for further civil engineering.