ISTOBAL launches new options for its BOX Enclosure


ISTOBAL expands the functionality of its BOX enclosure with the integration of the ISTOBAL M'START rollover of up to 2.3 m, with the aim of enhancing and improving the image of the installation, while protecting the washing equipment.

The following options are available:

- 700 mm wide canopies. They provide a greater visual impact to the image of the facility. Supplement added to the standard 300mm canopy configuration.

- Rollover Fence Extension. Enables the working space of the rollover to be delimited, allowing the installation of up to a 2.3 m high ISTOBAL M'START machine. The rollover at rest is covered while the fences delimit the working space of the machine in operation.

- Upgrading of the dividing fences to a smooth panel. It is a visual aesthetic improvement and allows the easy application of decorative vinyls in the installation with a great aesthetic impact.

The BOX enclosure is a simple structure featured by its great modularity and safety.  

Designed for washing installations that require the optimisation of the available space, it allows the integration of Modulbox (4AR3), Container (4CN4) and the installation of the ISTOBAL M'START rollover. With an upper structure in hot-dip galvanised steel, round pillars in stainless steel, AISI-304 with a matt electro-polished finish and separating fences in 30 mm thick sandwich panel.