ISTOBAL facilitates the digital transformation of wash facilities with a free subscription plan to Smartwash


ISTOBAL is launching a campaign to drive industry digitalisation in its commitment to increase profitability, facilitate business management, and contribute to customer loyalty.

ISTOBAL facilitates the digital transformation of car wash facilities with a free subscription plan to Smartwash without monthly fees. The company has launched a campaign to drive industry digitalisation in its commitment to providing innovative global solutions that increase profitability, facilitate business management, and contribute to the loyalty of increasingly demanding and digitalised customers.

Smartwash by ISTOBAL, successfully implemented in Spain, the UK, Sweden, Turkey, the Netherlands, Austria, Portugal and Belgium is the only technology on the market that achieves 100% connected facilities for maximum performance and efficiency of the business and its wash equipment, to transform the user experience, making it quicker, easier, more efficient and more fun. By incorporating IoT and Big Data, the solution allows services to be managed digitally in real time and on any device thanks to the connectivity of all the wash equipment (rollovers, tunnels, jet wash facilities and vacuum cleaning areas). It extracts and analyses accounting and installation status data as well as user behaviour to increase profitability, management and time efficiency. Smartwash, reduces waiting times between washes, increases the frequency of washes and improves the user experience with digital payment methods and personalised promotions.

As a new feature, Smartwash by ISTOBAL incorporates the activation of unlimited monthly wash fees for the end user and includes a digital loyalty card (ISTOBALCard) so that they can accumulate credit and obtain discounts, paying only for what is consumed.

Smartwash without monthly fees

The monthly no-cost plan includes the digital management of multiple facilities, being able to know and manage accounting data such as revenue or promotions, and to create a database of facility users.

It also contains the ISTOBAL App for the consumer with the location of wash facilities, payment of services through the App, activation of code washing and ISTOBALCard loyalty card, among other functions.

The car wash operator can also see the status of connected equipment in real time and other data such as number of washes performed, programmes executed and errors.

Smartwash is a pioneering technology that comes as standard with most ISTOBAL car wash equipment. To be able to access the plan without monthly fees and enjoy the main benefits for free, you only need to have one basic connectivity package.

Smartwash Premium

Smartwash by ISTOBAL also has a Premium subscription model with monthly fees that includes all the extra functionalities, both in the business operation and maintenance part of the wash equipment. This allows you to increase the control and efficiency of your car wash business, resulting in maximum profitability and the best wash experience.

Smartwash Premium enables the activation of the wash and emergency stop via the app without the user having to get out of the car and the evaluation of the service. It also includes the launch of unlimited promotions, historical revenue statistics data, and the possibility to integrate Smartwash with third-party APIS in existing apps and even to generate custom apps.

Among other maintenance benefits, it can optionally provide control of consumables, product levels, water and energy consumption as well as remote control of connected equipment.

Smartwash Fleets, the first digital platform to automate the wash process of any fleet of vehicles, is available with the Premium subscription.