ISTOBAL develops a new line for the complete sanitization of commercial vehicles


ISTOBAL is extending its range of commercial wash equipment, the most complete in Europe, with new equipment that sanitizes fleets of trucks, buses, vans and trains, among others, with disinfectant product.

The multinational group ISTOBAL has developed an innovative line for the complete sanitization of commercial vehicles with which it is extending its range of wash equipment for the transport sector with new technologies for the sanitization of fleets of trucks, buses, vans and trains, among others.

The company is increasing its range of commercial wash equipment, the most complete in Europe, with new sanitizing solutions designed under the parameters of innovation, quality and reliability, with the aim of responding to the new cleaning needs arising from COVID-19.

It has incorporated programs with disinfectant in its ISTOBAL HW’PROGRESS rollover for 180° external sanitization. Aimed at buses, trucks, waste collectors and livestock transport, this program works as a final complement to a wash program. First carrying out a complete conventional wash, the sanitization program is then used by applying a disinfectant biocide product and is not rinsed. It should also be noted that this program can also be incorporated into already installed machines of this model, thanks to the upgrade kits.

Also, commercial jet wash systems from ISTOBAL have special programmes for external and internal disinfection using low pressure and the controlled application of disinfectant. In this case, a subsequent rinse is carried out.

ISTOBAL has also developed automatic arches for the external disinfection of trucks, coaches, buses and trains, trams.  These are autonomous arches that include a detection system by means of photocells that are activated when vehicles pass through and achieve a quick and effective 360° disinfection. These arches have an average disinfection capacity of 1,000 vehicles per day.

Interior disinfection of refrigerated trailers

Another innovative solution is ISTOBAL HW’INTRAWASH, an internationally patented system for the professional interior cleaning and disinfection of refrigerated trailers, and shipping containers. This equipment achieves effective and safer disinfection in the interior wash of trucks compared to manual wash and reduces average wash time by 60%. It applies disinfectant products and performs high-pressure wash for deep wash and controlled, professional disinfection in just 5 minutes.

With ISTOBAL HW’INTRAWASH, the company increases productivity and safety in the wash of refrigerated trailers in the current context and achieves greater control and savings in the consumption of chemicals and water.

For interior sanitization, ISTOBAL has manual sprayers for spraying disinfectant onto the surfaces inside the cabin. The multinational company recommends spraying all surfaces evenly and thoroughly, leaving the doors open, the windows down and allowing the product to work for 5 minutes. Any excess product should then be removed with an absorbent cloth or, alternatively, with paper.

In addition, the group produces ozone equipment with a special programme for vans that completely sanitises the cabin in 10 minutes, including the ventilation system and using the vehicle's air recirculation. It should be noted that ozone also eliminates unpleasant odours by oxidation. This service is appealing because it keeps delivery vans sanitized, which are making a significant effort with the increase in online sales during the pandemic.